July 1962
Vol. 1, No 6
This was the first issue to be offset printed.
Many of the early issues did not carry dates or volume numbers the designation above is only guesswork.
A transitional history
October-November 1963
Vol. 2, Nos. 8 & 9
The masthead color was changed 
from month to month in 1963.
It was common to combine 
two months into one issue.
But the price was right at only
$1.00 per season.
September 1965
Vol. 4, No 7
The "Newsletter" was dropped 
and the magazine simply
became "American Cycling"
 with the March issue of 1965.
Clement took a four page
foldout advertisement and the back was used for the country's 
state championship results.
American Cycling magazine
"American Cycling"
appeared on the 
masthead with the March
1964 issue.  The magazine
was published 10 months
a year, March through
November, 1964
Vol. 3, No 9