American Cycling magazine
A transitional history, part 2
     With the March issue of 1966, Vol 5, No 1, the format was 
increased to 8-1/2 x 11 inches.  This placed it in a standard
magazine size which would establish its legitimacy and make
it more commercially acceptable

     Unfortunately, it created more space for articles when editorial
contributions were shrinking.  With less than half the page
of the smaller format the magazine was very thin 
and lost most of its charm.
Advertising prospects had not increased.
The incredible donation of Bob LaMar 
of free printing since the magazine's inception
could not continue much longer.
The Hoffmans were questioning the feasibility of continuing
while losing interest and enthusiasm, no longer
proud of their product.

The handwriting was on the wall.
     American Cycling had a promising beginning,
 but was many years ahead of its time.  
In early 1968 it was advertised for sale in the Wall Street Journal.
August 1968 was the first issue of American Cycling published by Harley Leete. 
The accompaning editorial documents his entry into the publishing world. 
Two more issues would carry the American Cycling banner.  
In December 1968, Bicycling was born.